Let's Party! Wedding and Party Offerings to Fit Your Needs

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(NOTE: Pricing varies depending on Services)

Initial Consultation (Wedding and Party):

One Meeting in person (Initial Consultation)

(NOTE: Limited to Local Areas. Call for more information. Additional Fees may be applicable depending on location.)

Continued Phone and Email Communications up to the date of the Event. Additional in person meetings are Optional, however fees may apply.

Rehearsals (Wedding and Party):

1. Attend rehearsal(s) to practice with the wedding party. Subject to Resource and Scheduling Availability.

2. If guest singer, practice as needed.

3. For non-Weddings, Rehearals are on a 'to-be-determined' basis, depending on the event type and the relative Client planned activities. Subject to Resource and Scheduling Availability.

Ceremony (Wedding):

1. 30 Minutes of Prelude Music

2. Ceremony Music

3. Up to 15 Minutes of Exiting Music

4. Play & Setup in Separate Room for Cocktail Hour

5. Play Guest-Provided Music for Guest Singer(s) at Ceremony and/or Reception

NOTE: If planned ahead of time, we will work w/the singer to get a low or no vocal copy of the song he/she wishes to sing. Additional fees may apply

Additional Notes For Party and Non-Wedding Events:

1. Arrival One Hour prior to Start of Event

2. Music Based on Client Preferences

3. Emcee According to Client Needs

Additional Services:


1. Projector & Screen - If you have a video or slide presentation we can provide the equipment needed to display the presentation. Typically there is time set aside during dinner for the presentation to be viewed. It can remain on afterwards for several loops, giving guests a little more time to view it up close.

2. Video/Presentation Creation - We work with you to assemble the presentation. You provide the pictures and any music you wish to use in it, and we will assist with putting the presentation together.

Theme Parties: If you have a theme, such as a beach, valentines, 50s/60s/80s, or general costume type party, we work with you to dress appropriately along w/ decorating our table according to the theme.

Props: We provide props according to the party theme, or props that accompany specific songs. Props include maracas, sunglasses, hats, air guitar, etc, and can be customized to your event.

NOTE: Price may vary depending on props

Scrapbook: If you would like a small scrapbook of your event, we will work with your photographer and you to create a small scrapbook.

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Send Inquiries to: info@cosacosta.com